And somedays I feel like this

This is a brilliant card I found on etsy:

You make me less miserable letterpress printed card

Sigh…somedays it can sure feel like this. Ah well, the ebb and flow of life, eh?



  1. Amanda (Mariotti) Calton · April 30, 2008

    I love a good NBA game but I drive the husband crazy with my take on things. Apparently comments like, “Those are such unflattering jersey colors” or “Isn’t that so-and-so who was married to so-and-so and got arrested for battery?” are distracting. I know the actual lingo, mind you – I played ward ball back in the day! Still, I find the nuances of the players, coaches and the team to be interesting too. Husband, not so much.

  2. angelbrew · May 1, 2008

    See, I feel your pain, really I do. The very first time I said I would watch a game with The Guy, he looked at me questionably and said, “How do you WATCH games? Do you make comments the entire time? I don’t know if I could watch sports with you – it’s very sacred to me.” Needless to say, we came to an understanding of sorts with this dilemma: I’ll try not to comment on the players (“Ew! Look at his hair” “Is that really 50 tattoos down his arm?” “Boy, those European players are so ugly”) and in return, he won’t complain when I want to go shopping…and he gets to hold my purse. 🙂

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