C’est moi en bref


I’m a mother, a writer, an artist on the side, a marathoner, wannabe triathlete, and resident of a small city that still feels like a town in many ways. I can never read as much as I want, run as fast as I desire, or travel as far or as long as I would like. But I love a good challenge and life can bring them in abundance. So here’s to 5 a.m. training runs, taking the red-eye, kissing a skinned knee, and a life I claim as colorful even on my most monochromatic days.



  1. bibomedia · February 26, 2008

    Have a nice day !

  2. trishatruly · May 1, 2008

    Life is sweet, isn’t it? So much to do…so little time.
    You sound like my kinda person. I have a saying “Bored people are boring people”. I don’t think you fit that category at all

  3. angelbrew · May 2, 2008

    Well, thanks very much there, trishatruly. I’m-a gonna have to head on over to check out your stuff.

  4. cmajor7 · June 7, 2008

    I feel your pain. You just write it better than I do.



  5. juliemarg · October 17, 2008

    Hi Angelbrew

    Would you be interested in writing a guest post for me on some fabulous place (restaurant, b&b, hotel, event, etc.) in Utah?


  6. Val Peterson · November 22, 2011

    Hi Angelbrew….I found you by trying to find out about the artist of some prints that I have – by Cherie de Chaton—I wa trying to find some information about the artist – found little but found your notes instead and saw that you used to mat and frame her works. I used to live in Elizabethtown, Pa. It’s just outside of Hershey and that’s where I purchased 3 of her prints years ago. I still have them. I just wish I could find some history about her. It was interesting to find your note. Thanks

    Val P

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