For a beautiful Sunday

I haven’t always been a morning person but over the past several months, I’ve found myself getting up earlier and earlier such that my mornings typically begin around 5:30 a.m. For awhile, it annoyed me that I couldn’t sleep in like I wanted to. I enjoy sleep, I LIVE to sleep at times, and suddenly my body wouldn’t let me just do it past a certain time. However, as the mornings have become brighter and the sun starts to lighten up the sky, I have really started to relish my early risings. I can sit by my kitchen window and watch the sky change from a soft, pale lavender blue to a vibrant shade of cerulean as the sun crests over Farmington Canyon. It’s breathtaking – and on a Sunday morning, it really sets the mood for a day full of spiritual experiences.

I had a friend of mine send me the link to this video that some of you may have heard of, Reflections of Christ. The artists involved created an amazing piece of work all focused on the Savior’s life in such a way as I have never seen done before. They humanize and make real – to the point of being tangible (the best word I can think of) – the life of the Savior. The fine art photography exhibit is on display down at the Mesa Visitor’s Center and I can only hope it does a little tour up this way. It truly is incredible. I encourage anyone to view it and see how it can provide peace to you in a world full of craziness, chaos, and uncertainty. It really touched my heart.




  1. Emmy · April 27, 2008

    We went to the exhibit while in Arizona and it really was unbelievable. Not only was the art work amazing, but the way they lighted each piece gave an inspiring affect. I would also love for the exhibit to travel up this way so I can go again!

  2. Rebecca · April 29, 2008

    Angie, I just found your blog through Whitney and it has been so much fun catching up on your life! Your cruise looks amazing and I am so happy for you. Your dad may have told you that I’m engaged to a 40-year-old guy, so we both must have a thing for older men. Anyway, great to catch up with you via your blog and hopefully you won’t mind if I keep spying every now and then.

    Rebecca Whitney

  3. Amanda (Mariotti) Calton · April 29, 2008

    Rebecca told me to check out your blog and I couldn’t believe it because I have actually been here before, via Whitney’s blog, and I didn’t immediately recognize you from the first picture I saw of you! The first time I checked your blog out, I read a bit and thought how smart and funny you seemed. Then, Rebecca told me to check your blog out today, and lo and behold, it’s YOU! I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you right away! You were always such a pretty girl, but seriously, you’re GORGEOUS! And I saw that I’m on your blog roll so now I feel dumb that we haven’t connected sooner. I’m going to be regularly visiting now that I know “you” are “you”. Great to see you’re doing so well.

  4. angelbrew · April 30, 2008

    Rebecca, I did happen to hear from my dad about your engagement (he obviously chats with you dad – a lot) and I’ve been meaning to comment on your blog for FOREVER and tell you congratulations! I think our interest in “older men” just stems from the fact that we’re so mature…right? 😉

    Amanda, you are seriously too funny and you’ve completely flattered me too much! It’s all Photoshop, sister, all Photoshop. I’m glad you discovered it was me and now we can share quips and musings from our crazy little lives.

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