To Begin Again

I think, therefore I:

  • am
  • stress myself out
  • go down the rabbit hole
  • daydream
  • desire more of what makes me happyAbrewsterHeadshot

Writing for my blog used to be something I’d do quite consistently…about 4+ years ago or more. I enjoyed just taking a few moments to capture my thoughts on something, or share activities I was enjoying with my son, or talk about places I want to go or where I’ve been. And then “life” just got in the way.

Blogging became so tiresome and it just seemed like a LONG way to do something. Why write about it when I can tweet, snap, or Instagram it? I can still capture moments but only take a fraction of my time to do so.

But I missed the writing.

So I’m beginning all over again…sort of. I guess I can claim it was all just a really nice
break or sabbatical from my previous commitment. In that time, I got married, changed jobs twice (maybe even three times considering the time…), moved twice, had ACL surgery, went to some new places, and just decided I needed to do more of things that are ME.

I’m back on track, Jack. More to come with musings on life, raising a teen (a soon-to-be-famous comedy series), and the itch to travel.



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