“I’m not dead yet!”

I couldn’t help but think of classic Monty Python lines when I started to remember my poor neglected blog. I might have tried ever so slightly to put it out to pasture in some ways…but in truth, it’s not dead yet. Nor should it be. But in the era of microblogging, it seems that I spend less time trying to say more with Twitter, Instagram, and on the rare occasion, Facebook.

But I still like the idea of blogging. I can say much, much more (which may be a good or bad thing).

To sum up the last few months since my post “recent” post, here’s a quick rundown of the highlights of my life since May:

  • Caden finished elementary school…and I cried. Dang him, no matter how hard I try to sit on him he keeps growing up.
  • He also was a fabulous Romeo in his Sixth Grade play, Romeo & Juliet. He humored his mother and tolerated her pleas to grow his hair out long to play it with a little more authenticity (which was my excuse to play with his hair…oh, I need a girl).
  • Caden tried another new sport this summer – rugby. And it may be the last time he ever plays it too, as that was the first sport I ever saw a kid bust his leg in. Yikes.
  • I started dating somebody in early May. Still dating The Man. And it’s all good.
  • Went to Chicago for the first time for a conference in June. LOVED it.
  • Enjoyed the family cabin in Island Park over the Fourth of July.
  • Found out my sister Katie is going to have a BOY in early January (her husband, Dave, totally needs a buddy – he’s dominated by strong female personalities right now).
  • Caden attended his second year of football camp in CA and had another stellar performance.
  • While he was at camp, I played! Hit up Malibu, Santa Barbara, Dodgers game, shopping, running in Venice Beach…loved every minute.
  • Junior high started for C – ugh. How do I possibly have a seventh grader?
  • Found out Caden LOVES to play the trumpet. Hallelujah! After fighting for two years over piano, a year over violin, it’s so nice to finally find an instrument that he wants to play. His mother is determined he learns a little musicality.
  • Went back to Chicago with The Man. So much fun – Cubs game, boat tours, running through the city, spa trips, fabulous dinners. Totally spoiled.
  • Caden’s football team made the playoffs (thank heavens) but got squashed by a ginormous team. However, he had a very successful season – scored 7 touchdowns, including one kick off return TD. That was awesome. 🙂
  • Caden made the school basketball team as a seventh grader! He also made a new comp basketball team, Hustle, that is doing pretty well.
  • His soccer team took first place in their division this Fall. Tough to balance this sport with football but thankfully he has a great coach who understands.
  • Volleyball was a pretty darn good season this Fall for me – only two losses and some of my better performances in games this year.
  • Did the Bountiful Handcart Days Half Marathon and was literally sick for 8 miles of it. Thankfully, The Man did it with me and was kind and patient enough to do the slowest race ever because I had to stop every half mile and gag.
  • Also did something super crazy–The Tough Mudder. Don’t know what it is? Check it out here.

And that’s the quick rundown of the major highlights. Ta da.

This blog is not dead yet. Enjoy some pics over the past few months! You can find them on my Instagram account, username: angelbrew.

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