Bored Kids = Experimenting with water balloons

Not too recently, Caden and his friend Emma were bored on a Friday afternoon. School gets out early (1:25) and they came home to a somewhat chilly afternoon.

“Let’s play basketball!” said Caden, always up for some sort of competition or other.

“Nah, it’s too cold,” replied Emma.

“Let’s go play Madden 12!” suggested Caden, always up for an Xbox game involving some sport or other.

“Nah, that’s for boys,” replied Emma.

So they thought and they thought and they thought and they thought until suddenly they both had a great idea.

“Let’s have a water fight!”

But it was too cold to really have a water fight. Instead they grabbed balloons from Caden’s grandma’s stash and started to fill them up with very warm water – too hot, and the balloon would break. They filled each balloon as big as they could possibly manage and carried each one outside very carefully.

After changing into their swimming suits (a very practical idea), Emma said, “Why don’t we burst the balloons on ourselves?” Caden thought for a moment and said, “I know how we should do it! Let’s get a pin and poke a small hole in the balloon and see how long it takes for the balloon to pop on our bellies.”

“Great idea!” they both shouted and went in search of a pin.

Once two pins were secured, they grabbed towels to lay on top of the cold concrete (it was a chilly 55 degrees) and each placed a warm balloon on their bellies, ready for the Great Water Balloon Pop Experiment.

Most amazing – the balloon is gone but the water is still in balloon shape!

Warm water explosion!

Emma ready for first pinhole

Ready to make the first pinhole

Warm water explosion!

“Let’s pop one together!”

Warm water explosion again!


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