Valentines Sixth Grade Dance (Awww…)

Yesterday was probably the best Valentines Day I’ve ever had. It was a day full of fun, too many sweets, a great basketball game, and lots of dancing feet!

Caden’s elementary school hosted its annual Sixth Grade Valentines Dance and to date it was the most fun I have ever had watching him “perform” (even more than football…which is saying something). I still remember my sixth grade dance at the very same elementary – the dance cards, the excitement, my new pink Jessica McClintock gunnysack dress. I felt so grown up and it sticks in my mind vividly (and I totally remember my sixth grade crush…but I’m not tellin’).

I didn’t know if Caden would be so interested in a Valentines Dance because 1) he’s a boy and 2) he’s a boy. Most of his friends thought it was a little silly and they were terribly nervous to have to pair up with a girl and actually TALK to her instead of TEASE her. Caden? He was excited to show his moves. For the past two months the sixth graders had been learning new dances – waltz, swing, macarena (can we even call that a dance?), that cha-cha song where you clap your hands, the hokey-pokey, and the Miley Cyrus Hoedown Showdown. Yep, that’s right, the kids broke it down to that yee-ha song. And Caden had been PRACTICING. He was ready to hit the floor. He was also ready to look “really awesome” which meant wearing pink according to him (most of the boys had something pink on). I’m not one to put my son in a lot of pink but I do have to say he looked very handsome in his striped shirt and bowtie (made with love by his Aunt Miranda and shipped cross country for the dance!).

The dance was first thing in the morning and I had signed up to bring balloons and decorate the cafeteria. As I was separating out the balloons into groups of three to hand to a group of girls to distribute, I couldn’t help but get nostalgic about my own dance as I over heard their nervous giggling and chatter.

“Oh my gosh, Hannah,aren’t you so nervous? I am so nervous for this dance!” “Your hair is so pretty! I totally love your shoes” “I can’t stop shaking my hands! I can’t wait to dance…do you think the boys will like it?”

Oh, dear sweet darling 11 & 12 year old girls. This is only the beginning! You have years of suffering and angst ridden dances ahead of you. 🙂

The kids all had dance cards they were required to fill up prior to the big shindig and Caden had the first dance set with Sydney, one of his long time girl friends (not to be confused with girlfriend) who lives just up the street from us. She is darling. And I just have to say that I hope they get married someday.

As these two got ready to kick off the dance party, Caden says, “Watch us move, Mom – we are the BEST at swing dancing!” To which Sydney replies, “Oh, yeah. We are smooth like butta!” I kept my laughter inside my head and just offered encouragement. “Okay you two, show me what you got!” The music started and away they went, laughing and having a good time.

That’s how it went for the next hour, Caden moving on to his next dance partner and me trying to get every shot possible and soak in the moment so it’s never lost from my memory. I was really proud of the fact that every time he faced a girl (waltz and swing), he talked to her and asked her questions instead of just looking around and not saying anything like most of his friends. And after each dance was done, he thanked the girl for the dance and went in search of his next dance partner.

The parents lined the walls of the cafeteria with all sorts of devices in their hands – cell phones, camcorders, Flip cams, iPads – no one wanted to miss a single moment.

Several of the moms and I would chat and say, “Can you believe they are this old? Weren’t they just in kindergarten? They look so grown up!” Every parent had a smile on their face watching their kids have fun and interacting on a more adult level than they ever have before.

Dance partners

By the way, his dance partner Isabelle? She and Caden will be playing opposite each other in the sixth grade Shakespeare play of Romeo and Juliet; he’s Romeo, she’s Juliet (and guess who was super excited about that?). All of his dance partners were so cute and it was hard not to remember them from kindergarten. Marijke was his kindergarten and first grade “girlfriend” (which meant calling a girl your friend and “claiming” her at that age) and Becca has been in every class since he was in kindergarten. Darling, darling girls, all of them!

I think many of us parents were quite sad when the teachers announced, “This is the last dance! Everybody get ready!” It was the classic group dance, the bunny hop, and it wound around and around the cafeteria. Once it was done, all the parents clapped and the kids cheered and confetti fell from the ceiling and the mayor presented a key to the cit …oh wait, not that. It just felt like confetti was falling down on this happy little bunch. 🙂

The boys couldn’t wait to change out of their clothes but most of the girls kept on their dresses and skirts for the day (which made it really hard when I hosted a game section in his class later that afternoon and I had the kids do “Junk in the Trunk” from the Minute-to-Win-It game).

The class party was fun and sugar filled and later that night, Caden and his basketball team wiped out another opponent 45-25 (with Caden scoring 28 points). He was so excited because he was six for six on his free throw shooting. We ended the night at Robintino’s – pizza, sarsaparilla, lasagna, and salad with a Mrs. Backers cookie for dessert. Seriously, it was one of those “best days ever” and I am so glad I got to be there to experience it all with him.

Enjoy a few of Caden’s “moves”! {video coming soon}



  1. Judy Wright · February 15, 2012

    So-o-o-o-o handsome!! Loved all those pictures and just imagining seeing him dancing with the cute girls. Thanks for including all of them in your blog. Give him our congratulations for his basketball feats! Miss both of you, and love you. Big Mamo

  2. katie demcak · February 17, 2012

    Well that is just adorable! I totally remember my dance back then and my outfit, and the excitement! Fun for Caden! Glad it was a fun day for you too! love ya

  3. Tani Brubaker · February 20, 2012

    Oh MY Gosh! Love this all! Much more to come!

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