The Girls of Summer, Part II

I don’t mean to go weeks between posting…but lately I have been. I would like to say that the reason for this lack of consistency is due to the fact that I “have a life” (an excuse I’ve heard from people who say they don’t read blogs). Nah, I just forget. And I get distracted. Otherwise this blog would be overflowing with daily posts and I might just prevent you from “having a life”. 😛

Back to the summer getaway (now months removed) with the sisters…

After Caden wrapped up his football camp, Natalie, Katie, and I packed him in the car and headed south to Disneyland. It felt like deja vu for me as Caden and I had just been here a mere 7 months prior during our Great Road Trip 2010. I hadn’t planned on coming back so soon but when the opportunity presented itself, how could I say no to laughing/whirling/cheering/oohing-ahhhing/eating/walking with my sisters?

We had one rule with Caden: NO WHINING. Guess how fast that rule was broken…

Happiest Kid on Earth

One thing I knew I had to introduce my sisters to was the fine dining at The Blue Bayou over by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. About five years ago, I decided to try it out as I’d always seen the restaurant, heard it had great food, so I made a reservation (absolute MUST before you go!) a couple of weeks ahead and have been a fan of their Monte Cristo ever since. Seriously, this place just feels magical the ambiance of the “fireflies”, lantern lights, and great food pretty much justify the cost. But go at lunch – because dinner ain’t cheap.

My favorite ride at Disneyland? The Haunted Mansion. My favorite ride at California Adventure? Soarin’ Over California…where you can buy cool caps like this one:

It was actually walking over to Soarin’ Over California that Katie all of the sudden started freaking out, “There’s something in my hair! There’s something in my hair!”

Natalie: “Well, stop swatting your head and let me take a look!”

On closer inspection, well, we actually didn’t need closer inspection because it was pretty obvious what was in her hair:

Me: “Awww, what a pretty colored beetle…”

Caden: “Oh cool! Can I have it?”

Katie: “Get it out! Get it out! Get it OUT!”

It made for a nice diversion as folks passing by probably thought we were putting on a little show. Caden couldn’t stop giggling at Katie’s slight hysterics.

That night we enjoyed the boardwalk lights and got ready to enjoy World of Color (just as amazing as the first time I saw it last November) in a prime viewing spot thanks to tickets we had from a special meal deal you can order online ahead of time.

The absolute BEST experience came on the Tower of Terror ride. Neither Katie or Natalie had been on it and Caden was doing his best to make them nervous before the ride.

Caden: “This is such a scary ride, you seriously will feel your heart in your throat. And you might throw up.”

Katie: “What? You mean I could throw up on this ride?”

Natalie: “Whatever, I’m game. You can’t scare me, buddy!”

Katie: “Yeah, I bet you’ll be more scared on it than us.”

Caden: “No I won’t! I bet you I won’t scream at all. And they take your picture so you can see.”

(in the background you can hear the screams of all the riders, some enough to make me get a tad nervous)

Katie: “All right, Caden, if you can keep a totally straight face when the picture is taken – and you HAVE to look like it’s the most boring ride EVER – Natalie and I will pay you $10.”

Natalie: “What!? Ten bucks! What are you roping me into this for?”

Katie: “Come on, there is no way Caden is not going to scream like a little girl.”

Caden (smiling at the thought of more $$ to burn in his pocket): “Okay, you got it. Ten bucks that I won’t look scared or smile or anything!”

We get in the line and wind through the creepy hotel into a small space where they tell you a spooky story about what happened at the hotel – it’s all very Twilight Zone-esque – and then you head up to the area where you will board the “elevator”.

I admit, this ride can definitely make me nervous. But it’s such an adrenaline rush that I always scream my head off and have a great time anyway.

As we board the ride, Katie is definitely looking nervous but she leans over to Caden and whispers loudly, “Ten bucks!” All I have to say is don’t ever bet my kid anything because if you promise him money, this is what will happen:

Guess who collected $10?

And guess who laughed and laughed and laughed at Katie’s, um, reaction? Yeah…it was awesome.

The next day we spent mostly at Disneyland, partying hard from the moment it opened until 1 a.m. in the morning. Knowing that we all were going home the next day (Natalie and Katie left early…Caden and I had a night flight), we just couldn’t seem to want to leave and go back to the hotel. We wanted to stay and play forever.

We left the park at 1 a.m., walked  over to Denny’s and had a nice late night/early-early-early morning breakfast, and then walked back to hotel and slept for about two hours before I had to go drop Natalie and Katie off at LAX. Thankfully, I had arranged a late checkout so I could come back and sleep in until about 11:30 a.m.

But before we had to head to the airport, Caden and I just had to hit the beach one more time.

Sigh…can’t wait until next summer!

One comment

  1. katie · December 13, 2011

    ahhhhh such fun memories!! I love the pictures so much, they make me smile, and just seeing the picture again from the Tower of Terror is hilarious! Although it reminds me of how scary that ride really was! I’m excited for our next girls trip…..maybe the new Harry Potter land that is coming to California??!!

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