The Girls of Summer, Part I

Way back in July, many moons ago, all my sisters and I (excluding Allison who was still Hermana Brewster at the time in Panama) headed down South to Cali to enjoy a much needed break. It all got started when I signed Caden up for a football camp in Thousand Oaks. I thought I would just head on down with him, hang out at the beach or go shopping while he did his camp for three days. But then Katie mentioned she had a plane voucher that was set to expire in October and what could she possibly do with it?

Come with me of course!

However, we needed to bring Natalie along because if two sisters were going to Cali, we sure as all heck couldn’t leave another behind. And thankfully, Katie had another voucher meant for Sammy that was transferable! So in the matter of four days we had all the details put together, flights booked, and we were planning on having some awesome girl time without kids. Well, technically Caden was going to be in CA but he would be at camp most of the time…although when we flew in at night we did a quick turn at the Queen Mary in Long Beach (so many Tobias jokes from Arrested Development can be inserted here).

The first morning before I could drop Caden off at camp, I really wanted to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library as it was only 10 minutes away from Cal Lutheran University. Maybe it’s because he was the first president I remember and the only one I’ve ever met in person (in Jackson Hole…coming out of Haagen Daaz – so awesome!), but I have always held a fondness for dear old Ronnie.  Something about his cowboy spirit is endearingly intriguing to me.

One of the coolest things about the library right now is that it houses the actual Air Force One jet he used for most of his presidency. WOW. Totally amazing to walk through! You weren’t allowed to take pictures when going through it but I was a bit surprised by the width of the plane. Probably because all the movies make Air Force One look ginormous.

Piece of the Berlin Wall

Once we dropped Caden off at camp (the awesome QBR Camp – I will totally be sending him there next summer), Katie and I decided to drive down the coast and we ended up at the Santa Monica Pier just before twilight. We walked up and down the pier, along the beach, and had a delicious dinner at Cha Cha Chicken – coconut fried chicken!

The Santa Monica Pier is also the end of the famous Route 66.  I learn something new every day…

The next day, Katie and I picked up Natalie at LAX and headed straight to Universal Studios. We rode pretty much everything (except for me – I chickened out totally on the Mummy ride…and the Simpsons ride looked claustrophobic). After a fun filled day, I told the girls we needed to hit Trader Joes and Pinkberry (two stores that are desperately needed in Utah) which happened to be just around the corner in Universal City.

As we were sitting in Pinkberry, enjoying our delicious frozen yogurt, a group of people sat at the table right behind us and Katie’s eyes got wide.

“Angie, guess who is sitting right behind you?!?” she whispered forcefully. I shrugged, shook my head, and asked, “Who?”

“It’s Jennifer Love Hewitt!”

Natalie glanced over quickly, trying to stealthily view her face but couldn’t see it. So, she decided to walk outside and LOOK IN THE FRONT WINDOW to see her face. I almost busted up laughing because I thought it was so hilarious. Within a few seconds she came back in with a smile on her face, nodding her head, and then whispered to me, “Yep, it’s totally her!”

Pretty soon we started rolling with Jennifer Love Hewitt jokes like how we would approach her. “Um, I totally loved you in…movies.” Couldn’t really think of a good one. 🙂

But we had our celebrity sighting! Check off that box on our “To Do” list. We tried to get a picture as we left but I felt like a total stalker as Natalie and Katie kept asking me to drive by the front window over and over so they could try and get a shot with their phones. After about the fourth attempt I told them, “We’re done! I feel creepy so that’s it, we’re outta here.” I think Natalie got a shot…of my nose covering J-Lo-Hewitt’s face. We giggled all the way back to the hotel. 🙂

Overlooking Universal City


Enjoying super long Twizzlers at the Water World show!

The sisters










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  1. The other Brewster sister · October 11, 2011

    Gee, I’m glad you had fun while I was in the battle against Satan. At least Caden acted as my proxy. I hope you braided his hair.

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