Missing Summer

I may have a few posts to catch up on…like some that I should have posted in July…and August…and September. I am waaaay behind in keeping this updated! But I need the outlet so I should keep much better track of my goings and comings on this site (I should…but I don’t).  Don’t be alarmed or wonder where all these late posts are coming from. Just know that I am getting my schtuff together and clearing out the SD card in my camera!

First up: Caden’s 11th birthday.

(don’t you love that hamburger cupcake cake? easy to split up into pieces – and very tasty)

Do you know where the most awesome place to go and celebrate a birthday is in the Salt Lake Valley? Cowabunga Bay. Like, totally, duuude. It’s a waterpark that’s only been open for a couple of years and it’s already become one of my favorites. Why? Clean, not too big, clean, decent food, clean, great birthday party rates, clean, and cabanas. Oh, and it’s clean.

This is the second year in a row that Caden chose Cowabunga Bay as the place for his friend birthday party and I was all too excited to go back. First because the price is great on birthday parties, and second because I get to enjoy a cabana at a greatly discounted rate with a birthday party booking.

If you have never experienced the joy of relaxing in your own private oasis, where a server comes and meets your needs at every beck and call, then you are not living! I get one time a year to enjoy this private pampering and it is TOTALLY WORTH IT. The boys go off and play and it’s easy to spot them, and I sit on a chaise reading a fabulous book or float around the Lazy River a gazillion times because the water is PERFECT. Love, love, love this place.

This year everyone was in town (minus Ben & Hilary) as Allison was returning home from her mission the same night as Caden’s party. So yay! More cousins to come and enjoy this festive place! And we just so happened to run into another cousin of mine, Merrilee, and her cute daughter Victoria. This little birthday party became quite the family affair.

Summer weather is gone now, but the many memories of Cowabunga Bay remain. Can’t wait until next season!

Taylor - the cutest, messiest face there

Cousin kidlins loving the Cowabunga Beach!

Da party boyz


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