A Way to End the Summer

Spending time up at the cabin! Our family cabin up in Island Park, ID, is one of my favorite places in the world. It is a lovely retreat away from the hectic rush of urban life–no phone, pretty much no tv, wildlife, running rivers, beautiful mountain tops…it’s perfection.

For the first time in several years, everyone in my family was able to come up to the cabin for the week. Thankfully, we all still fit! But I think that may be the last time. The main cabin (Targhee Tepee, as my Grandpa Brewster dubbed it) housed most of us with the Teeny Tepee (mini cabin in back) being occupied by my brother and his family.

We spent the week doing a little of everything – fishing, running, hiking, tubing, river floating, reservoir swimming, Yellowstone Park-ing, Playmill-ing. I captured just a few moments here and there with my camera but instead of editing a bunch of photos, I put it in a quick slide show (that’s in the really teeny font below). So, ta da! There you go. A quick glimpse into our last week of summer before school started (anyone else think that school started a week early this year?).

Picnik Show


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