Is busyness an excuse?

That’s what I can claim for posting so “frequently” over the past several months. Busyness.

I’m always amazed at how suddenly a day can into a week and then before you know it, months have flown by. Aren’t our brains supposed to able to take multiple things in at one time? Why is it that I feel my brain shuts off and goes on “coast” mode until something really, really important shocks it into “pay attention” mode?

I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me.

So much to tell about the last several weeks – and most of it in pictures! I’ll just start with a few off of my iPhone because that seems to capture what happens on a daily basis (I do post some of these to my Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter account – definitely not the reasons why I hardly blog anymore…pshaw).

I’m pretty sure there is a bird’s nest in this tree that I am trying to get a snapshot of. It took me a moment to remember what this was, but I do remember! Tani (Mamo to Caden), Caden, and I went and hung out at Boondocks a few weeks ago. This tree was near the 14th hole on the miniature golf course. Clearly exciting material. Woo.

This has to be Caden’s fingers, not mine. Because why would I ever place my fingers right over where the lens is on my phone? So silly…

It’s Hermana Baby Sister on Skype for Mothers Day! It was wonderful to get to chat with her and clearly you can see that she stands out like a sore thumb in Panamania (what Caden calls Panama) because she doesn’t look like a local AT ALL. Here she was showing off a watch someone gave her and introducing her companion at the time, Hermana WhatsHerBucket. All I have to say is she looks BEAUTIFUL. And she’s coming home in just a little over a month!

This is an “Awww, how sweet!” picture. I found this tape and ate up my little two year old voice. Does anybody else think it interesting to listen to your young little self from ages ago? I did have to laugh that this was taped over a Family Practice tape that belonged to my Grandpa Taylor (who was a family practice doctor for many years) and right after I finish singing, there is a little blank spot and then it goes into “kzzttttt the patient may exhibit signs of nausea and fatigue”. Thanks. Really needed THAT little line after my highly adorable solo.

I just happened to be at Caden’s school one morning when they announced the kids who had earned the Peacebuilder award at his elementary school. No explanation needed here (proud mother moment).

Caden had me watch him over and over (and over and over) while he did these little slam dunk moves on the basketball net. I told him he needed to raise it up a bit more to impress me. That did it. So he decided to start trying to dunk by jumping several feet away and fly through the air. “Like LeBron!” he said. LeBron? Geez, who is the mother of this kid that allows her child to like LeBron? Uggghhh…

Maggie. In her happiest pose ever, that of sleeping (and snoring) quite deeply. Funny dog.

The Chalk Art Festival at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. Pretty dang cool. My favorite is the Norman Rockwell. Caden’s was How to Train Your Dragon.

Celebrating Colonial Days in 5th Grade! Caden played cats cradle with his friend Kendrick until they had it down so smoothly as to claim, “We’re the best at doing that yarn thing game!” I told him he couldn’t be the best at it unless he knew its name. And yes, he’s dressed near perfectly for a colonial day person. I was pretty darn proud of putting together that outfit with clothes he already had – black football pants (minus the pads), long white socks, his black Sunday shoes, oversized white shirt, and a vest. Voila! His friends may see this pic one day and laugh, but me? I will laugh at it forever…

Memorial Day Weekend we camped down in Moab. LOVED it. But I have much better pictures than this…so I will wait to share all the adventuresome details.

I believe this was ridiculous hail I found on my car when it should be JUNE. Mother Nature was “having a moment” this Spring in Utah – hot flashes, cold flashes, wicked storms (is there an antidepressant for nature?).

Yo, what up, Ethan? Just because you’re two and can rock a sideways cap, doesn’t mean that you are my favorite two year old nephew…aw, well, it does. You are way too cute!

Sweet baby Desch! Ben and Hilary’s latest addition who came on June 22. His chubby cheeks are so delicious! I do hope he understands that his mama desperately wants — no, NEEDS — him to have brown eyes. That was the only reason she married my brother, to have brown-eyed children. And the first two were defective with bright blonde hair (see Ethan above) and bright blue eyes.

There you go. A quick iPhone gallery update. My life is complete. I can rest now…if the neighbors in the backyard would stop doing fireworks at midnight!


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