Spring, Spring, it’s a wonderful thing


And this:

Plus his rec baseball team (which I will have pics of shortly) have completely occupied our time this Spring. We manage to fit all the games in just fine…as long as the weather corporates (which it totally hasn’t for most of this season).

Thankfully, one sport is now done. Soccer finished yesterday with Caden’s team beating the #1 team, Sparta, in a great outing of 5-3. Caden was moved to defender from streaking forward because they were seriously lacking in great defense. His team, Boca, could have been number one (they are #2) but two games they should have won were lost because of the struggles at defense. At the game yesterday, Caden was absolutely a key in keeping many shots on goal away from our goalie. We lost track of how many headers he had. 🙂 We being me, the grandparents, Ben, and his little boy, Ethan.

The game yesterday was also a great excuse to spend most of it outdoors. SUN!! I don’t think I spent more than an hour inside yesterday because it has been raining nonstop for days on end.

Caden’s comp baseball team, the Woods Cross Wildcats, have had an up and down season. His coach, Wally, is such a great guy. I really like what he is trying to instill in these kids about hard work and effort.

Between his comp team, his soccer team, and his rec baseball team (the Yankees), we have sports every night. But he loves it. I keep asking him if he wants to pick a favorite – just so I can save on gas! But alas, he is actually asking if he can participate in more sports.

“Can I do golf? Can I try hockey? What about lacrosse? Can I…”

Ai yi yi. If anyone would like the experience of chauffeuring a kid around, I am accepting applications. Qualifications: a drivers license, car, and limitless patience. Pay: We can negotiate that later.


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