A Day for Mommies

Mothers Day was a dreary affair…only because the weather was not quite up to May expectations. It was chilly, cold, and felt nothing like Spring. So I was determined to wear something bright and cheery to brighten up the day. Also because I wanted to cheer myself up for having to speak in church on Mothers Day.

Frankly, I believe it should be illegal to ask a mom to speak on this particular day. It’s supposed to be the ONE day we can kind of take it easy. I say “kind of” because truthfully, when does a mom EVER get a day off? At least on Mothers Day we can claim a bit of a reprieve.

Anyway, back to the talk. I stressed over it for days. Talking about motherhood is such a sensitive topic. Women tend towards feelings of guilt on this day thanks to all the pressure we put on ourselves to be a “great mother”. What exactly IS a great mother? How can I share information on motherhood when I am constantly thinking of ways I fall short? You see the dilemma.

I decided that I would take the approach of hey, we’re moms, we compare ourselves against so-called “perfect” women all the time–our own moms, our grandmas, women in the scriptures, etc. We keep building up these high expectations because we only take note of the amazing accomplishments. We don’t ever read “and the mothers of the 2,000 stripling warriors complained because they had to wash their sons’ loincloths–AGAIN.” So let’s give ourselves a break.

I may end up posting my talk because I have had several people ask to read it, but only because they are family and want to read it. 🙂 I am just glad it went over well and I didn’t make anyone feel like they weren’t doing a great job. Because everyone really knows that the toughest job in the world is that of mother.

My mom & me, Mothers Day 2011

The reason I am called "mom" - this kid


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