It’s not much of a drought in Utah, what with all the late Spring snow and rain. But I have had a bit of a drought on my blog as of late. The reason? Broken laptop.

You never realize how much you use something until you don’t have the capability to use it anymore. Six weeks ago, I sneezed extremely hard while balancing my laptop on my lap (thus the name, “lap”top). It slid quickly off my lap and onto the carpeted floor, landing on the cord that plugs into the AC adapter that charges my laptop. Unbeknownst to me at that time, that little “bump” on the carpet busted the pin that plugs into the AC adapter that charges my laptop. So, as soon as my battery charge ran out, so did usage of my laptop.

No biggie. I will just take it in to get it fixed. I mean, it’s just a little pin, right? The computer itself works great–no hardware issues to resolve.

Uhhh, not so much. That dang metal pin that costs all of two cents to manufacture will cost almost $300 to repair because the entire laptop must be taken apart to get it fixed/welded back onto the motherboard. Son of a motherless goat.


So, I have been missing from blogging…and haven’t done much with my tumblr blog as of late, either.

However, I am tweeting now, @angelbrewhaha. I avoided it for a long time…but it’s sucked me in. Curse you, AquaScum! I mean, technology!

Hopefully, my pearlescent pink laptop will be coming home soon and I can post more pics of the past several weeks. I have pics from visiting my sister in Denver (so fun!), Easter Sunday, and Spring Sports Galore! [that would be Caden’s comp baseball team, his rec baseball team, AND his comp soccer team…yeah, I know, I don’t need to hear it]


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