The REAL story of Italy

All right, so it appears I got SEVERAL of you about my little Italy April Fool’s joke. In case you couldn’t tell (because apparently it was too subtle), in the last paragraph of my story below, I highlighted and capitalized the letters to APRIL FOOLS! But that’s okay if you were duped–because I would like you to believe I’d be going somewhere as awesome as Italy.

The truth is…there is some truth to the Italy story.

I did find a job posting regarding a Communications/Events Coordinator position in Trento, Italy. I did explore the possibility, meaning, I submitted my resume and was actually contacted by a recruiter. I actually spoke to her twice about the position before it was finally determined that the pay level for this particular job would not likely be the range I would need it to be in order to up and move to Italy. DANG.

So it was on the table momentarily. So it wasn’t a complete and total fabrication below. 🙂

But I still gotcha!



  1. tani Brubaker · April 6, 2011


  2. Alan · April 7, 2011

    You did have me up to that last paragraph. Then I pulled out my magic decoder ring and deciphered your message. Italy would be cool but I’m pretty sure your mother likes you closer to home… I would.

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