A Milkshake Moment

I received an email today from a co-worker with a small little blurb about milkshake moments. The idea stems from a leadership article by Steveen Little about a guy who, when he travels, always asks room service for a milkshake. If it’s not on the menu, he walks them through the ingredients: vanilla ice cream, milk, tall glass, long spoon, etc. If they have all of those items and are willing to make it, he calls it a “milkshake moment”.

The point was that people need to know their true purpose, have the freedom to work towards it, and then believe they can make it happen. Thus, a milkshake moment.

Frankly, it made me crave milkshakes. But I prefer chocolate.

I started thinking of milkshake moments more as something to celebrate, moments when we take a time out and remember something good about those we love. And you get a milkshake when you do something AWESOME.

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was have a Daddy/Daughter date and go to Carmacks and get a chocolate malt. And it was usually to celebrate something great like a 4.0 report card, a great high school volleyball game, winning the spelling bee, etc. I drive by where it used to be (it burned down several years ago) twice a week now taking Caden to his TOSH training and get nostalgic.

I guess I’m hoping that I create more milkshake moments with my son…or my sisters, my parents, or good friends. I think one of the other reasons why the idea made me smile was just the image of what a milkshake conjures up: the essence of innocence. Nothing seems more innocent than a milkshake and to me, it embodies so much of what is good and wholesome in this world. Unless you are counting calories. Then maybe go with non-fat yogurt moments.

Have a milkshake moment this week!


One comment

  1. Natalie · March 15, 2011

    Very “sweet” 🙂
    I think the business analogy is a stretch, but I really like the personal level that you brought it to. I think those sweet moments and memories are something that we crave and relish in–like milkshakes. Perfect. I can think back on many, and look forward to more, “milkshake moments” with you 🙂

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