Love is all you need

It is Valentines Day. For those that haven’t been bombarded by incessant ads flocked with red hearts, jewelry, and overstuffed teddy bears holding a heart shaped box of chocolate, this is your gentle reminder. Oh wait, it’s after 11:15 p.m….you’re screwed.

I really like Valentines Day. Always have, hope I always will. I’m one of those weirdos who thinks of it in terms of “oh, it’s so fun to have a day designed all around love! Especially expressing love in so many ways through chocolate, a good massage, new shoes, jewelry…” I actually can remember one of my very first Valentines cards. It was a pink construction heart on a white doily–and everything on doily’s is darling! So naturally, I was pre-dispositioned to love a day all about love.  Something about having a day to make sure we all remember to say “I love you” to someone we couldn’t do without appeals to the squishy side of me.

I also find Valentines Day a great day to think of all the things I love to do—like photography. I currently have no less than 6 cameras I would love to buy and just play with (hint on gifts for me at anytime in the future). I love trying to find something to take a picture of for my Photo of the Day blog on tumblr.

Speaking of which, I started it as a 2010 goal, to take one picture a day (mostly with my iPhone because it’s always by my side) to see if I could document a year of my life and thrill myself to death…or bore myself to tears. On some days, I posted more than one picture. Those were the good days, super “I’ve got it going on!” days. Then there were the “What in the name of Thor could I possibly want to document?” days. I couldn’t find anything I wanted to post because there were days that seemed like the plain-old days I had already snapped a picture of. There were a few days where I thought to myself, ‘Sheesh, am I really so boring that I can’t find something–anything–to take a snapshot of? Ay yi yi…’ I mean, how many pictures of me driving to work and driving Caden to work did I need? Truthfully, I look back at all my pics last year and some make me smile, others make me sad, and some make me wonder what I was on when I took the shot (a lot of headache medicine in 2010). So it’s all good.

But back to V-Day and love. Yesterday I helped Caden make his Valentines Box for school and it turned out AWESOME. He wanted a football field goal post as his box (and I will post a pic of it soon) and I was pretty darn proud of his creativity. I felt bad I couldn’t help at his school party today (ah, work…) but he was excited to bring all of his Valentines home and remind me just how awesome it is to be a kid in elementary school.

Speaking of other loves, I am loving trying to decide what races I want to do this year. I’m thinking the Thanksgiving Point half marathon, the Utah Valley Marathon, and potentially Hood to Coast again (I’m an alternate). What would be totally awesome is the Kauai Marathon that is on my birthday this year. How awesome would it be to run that! I’m totally looking for sponsors/travel pals. Just FYI.

Happy Love-Whatever-Whomever-You-Want-Day!


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