Big trees, little time

You can’t drive up the coast of California and Oregon and not go through the Redwoods. Literally, you can’t. I had hoped we would have a bit more time to explore on our way up to Katie’s for Thanksgiving but like I mentioned before, we were dragging behind schedule (because there was just too darn much to see!). So we did what we could to enjoy these gigantic monsters.

We stayed in Eureka, CA which used to be (and perhaps still is to a lesser extent) a logging town. I drove through some of the more popular areas of the redwoods in the dark (Willits, Leggett, couldn’t be helped…ah well) but all I have to see is the single lane highway I took curved and bended around some of these freakish trees in the dark–and it freaked me OUT. I would come around a bend and my headlights would catch the shape of this gigantic thing wider than my car up ahead and my heart would skip a beat. H-U-G-E. It doesn’t seem natural or human. But in the light of day, it’s pretty darn cool.

Along the way, we took a few scenic detours (DO IT – they are INCREDIBLE) and came across a classic red schoolhouse out in the middle of a field. I asked Caden, “How would you like to go to school in one room with a bunch of other kids all ages?” Caden rolled his eyes at me and said, “Mo-om, that’s impossible. Do you know how many kids are at my school? Kids don’t go here anymore anyway.”  “How do you know?” More eye rolling. “Because it’s old.” Ah yes, anything old is deemed completely dysfunctional to this kid. {Funny side note story: Yesterday, Caden and I were driving home from his training at TOSH and he was looking at his new basketball shoes and said, “Michael Jordan was so awesome. When did he die?” I did a sputtering cough-laugh and asked, “What? Michael Jordan isn’t DEAD. He’s only in his 40’s!” Caden looked shocked. “He’s not dead? I thought he was so old and all of his stuff was famous because he was dead.” More insight into my kid’s head: people who don’t play anymore must be dead. Retirement isn’t a word he grasps very well. :P}

We also saw Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox…but those pictures are on my other camera…and I will get them off…eventually.


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