{interrupting the Road Trip 2010 for the holiday update)

Christmas this year was something I was really looking forward to…not that I don’t look forward to it every year. This year I just wanted to spend time focusing on the “reason for the season” and look for ways to enjoy it with my family that would be in town. Katie and Dave were coming down from Portland with the two little girlies (Sammy and Taylor) and Natalie would be joining us between Boxing Day and New Years Eve with her chitlin’s (Annie and Logan). We only got to see Ben and Hilary (with Ella and Ethan) for a short time as they were excited to spend the holidays back East in Virginia with Hilary’s parents. But we did see them long enough to find out that they are expecting a NEW little one July 1!

I took Caden twice to Temple Square to see the lights this year. Had it not been so bone chillingly cold for several nights, we would have hit it up more. I loved walking through the decorated grounds and soaking up the Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas morning was blissfully perfect. Amazingly, the kids didn’t wake up until 9 a.m.! The adults were kind of hanging around going, “What should we do? Wake them up? We want to get started!” Pretty soon I heard Caden come pounding down the steps and knowing the routine, stopping on the stairs and asking, “Can I come in yet?” We all sang a couple of Christmas songs and proceeded to find our stockings.

(Wish my contacts were in for this...I didn't know it was so fuzzy!)

Santa was very generous this year and Caden definitely got a few things he really wanted: the Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Wii game, a Snowfire hat, Zigtech shoes, and an iPad (from a generous faraway Santa). Needless to say, I’ve had to lock down the iPad many a time since Christmas (and play with it myself!).

Caden gave me a precious “C” silver necklace in one of those famous blue boxes I love to get. His face was so cute when he handed me the box as he loves to give me jewelry (I know one day his wife will thank me for training him to give jewelry as a gift).

Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas with family!

Oh, and p.s.–I’m still getting my cards out. 😛


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