Fall is for Football

Every year that Caden plays football, I get more and more into it. The first year he played, I enjoyed it but wasn’t sure if he would like to pursue it any further. It was time consuming and he loved soccer more than anything. But if you ask him today what he wants to play or what is on his mind, his answer will be “Football”.

He is an explosive little player for being one of the lightest kids on the team. Yesterday, they played Jordan and he had a monster hit that had a guy coming over to me and jokingly ask, “Did you teach him how to hit like that?” I replied, “Sure do. I just throw him into walls at home for practice.”

The regular season just ended and Caden’s team is #2 heading into the playoffs (why we are still playing and high school is over, I have no idea). Next Saturday is their first playoff game and I have no doubt his team will win and face Jordan in the playoffs on the 13th. It’s going to be a great matchup!

Below are a few shots from this past season showcasing some of his fun plays he gets to participate in. It’s been a blast to watch–and it’s only going to get better.



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