All Hallows Eve

Thursday morning I headed into Caden’s school to watch the annual Halloween costume parade. I kept thinking as I was watching all of his friends walk around the new activity room, dressed in popular characters to all types of food (popcorn boxes, cotton candy), that he only had one more parade…and then he’s done with being “little”. Awww…

The Little Linebacker

I volunteered to do face painting for his class party after the parade which is something I’ve done for Caden’s Halloween parties since he was in kindergarten. The kids came around to me in groups of 8 (his class is HUGE – 36 kids!) and after the first group, I started to get “fans”. Kids today…man, they don’t ask for pumpkins or bats or ghosts on their face. Oh no. The requests I got were Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toothless the Dragon, some type of doll called Dunnings??, and even Nutella. That’s right, a jar of NUTELLA on a girl’s face. Thank heavens I had my iPhone with me so I could look up some of these characters and paint them fairly decently.

One of Caden’s friends, Micah, asked me for the SkullCandy logo on his hand. “Sure, that’s pretty easy” I say and start painting away. Apparently, my rendering of SkullCandy blew Micah’s mind because before long, he was asking me if he could take art lessons from me and that he was going to call his mom and see if she would pay for it.

“Dude, your mom is AWESOME, Caden! She is definitely the when it comes to painting! She’s SICK!” Well, needless to say hearing this kind of praise from a 10 year old sure was nice. 🙂

Last night, Caden, Micah, Bridger, and Josh got together to go trick-or-treating. It turned out to be quite nasty weather-wise, rainy and cold the entire night. So the boys would go out, hit a few houses, come back to our house, eat candy, go back out, get some more candy, and come back and try to scare each other in the dark basement. They ended up staying at our house until almost 10 p.m. having a great time with each other.

I have realized something with Caden and his little buddies: I love little boys banter. They are just hilarious, they say the funniest things, and they crack me up constantly. I’m so glad he has such great kids to hang out with because I know how important it is to have great friends around you as you grow up. It’s one reason I’ve been so reticent to move (well, that and some job concerns). All I know is I am grateful there are so many awesome kids in this area that treat each other so well. Definitely more treats than tricks this Halloween.

Another thing that made me laugh about these boys, they all wanted to be a sports player for Halloween. Caden plays football so thus a football player. Bridger, Micah, and Josh play soccer and ta da! They are soccer players. Ah, it cracks me up. But they are so cute.

The Boys - Bridger, Micah, Caden, Josh



  1. Amy · November 1, 2010

    I feel the same way right now about Caleb. I should just copy and paste this blog entry to my blog and change the names! 🙂

  2. Katie Demcak · November 2, 2010

    What a cute bunch of Handsome boys!! Caden being the cutest of course! I’m glad they had fun. I’d better start polishing up my face painting skills so someday I can be cool like you! I’m excited to see you in a few weeks! We need to chat about that bytheway! Love ya

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