10/10/10 by the numbers

numbers in blue - 16x20 print

Numbers print by Calobee; found on Etsy

I love interesting dates.

I love interesting number combinations.

I can still remember my locker combo when I was in 8th grade – 10- 22 – 34 – because it grew in increments of twelve.

Something about numbers…

So in honor of this auspicious day that won’t come around again for another 1000 years, I put the 10’s to work.

Ten Things I’ve Done So Far This Year

  1. Flew twice a month for the first 5 months of the year.
  2. Started a new job.
  3. Had the best working mom schedule for 5 months by working from home.
  4. Ran every day for two weeks straight just to clear my mind.
  5. Watched Caden’s soccer team win their first tournament!
  6. Traveled to Kauai.
  7. Drove a sweet car around for a week.
  8. Met a new little niece.
  9. Laughed at Caden’s hilarious takes on life almost every single day.
  10. Switched from hard contacts to soft (believe me, this is noteworthy).

Ten Things I Thought About Today

  1. The leaves haven’t been as bright or colorful this year for some odd reason…
  2. Boy, Caden is sure getting tall.
  3. Where are Caden’s church shoes? He can’t wear his Converse high tops to church! (but he did)
  4. Hope it’s not snowing at the cabin (parents are closing it up).
  5. Putting 100 people/kids in a tiny room for Primary program practice is practically torture.
  6. I need/want a pedicure.
  7. I wonder if Emmy & Josh will like the picture I’m painting for them…
  8. What kind of shoes should I get for E & J’s wedding?
  9. I need to book my hotels for my road trip with Caden in a few weeks.
  10. I love family dinners.

Ten Things I Want to Do For the Rest of the Year

  1. Get pricing on LASIK for my eyes (man, I would LOVE to do this…thus the soft contact change).
  2. Finally find that right place to live (been looking for 5 months).
  3. Keep working to excel at my new job.
  4. Take Caden to a Chargers game.
  5. Run another half marathon.
  6. Train for my next marathon.
  7. Visit Hearst Castle.
  8. Sit on the beach at Carmel-by-the-Sea again.
  9. Finish 10 paintings.
  10. Laugh every single day with Caden.

So many things…and yet I could go on and on and on…

Did I mention I love numbers?


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