The CATCH of the day

Yesterday, I spent my birthday doing all sorts of fun things I love:

  • Running—check
  • Facial—check
  • Hot stone massage—check
  • Dinner—check
  • Night at hotel downtown to swim and have fun—check

And my favorite part? Caden’s football game in the middle of the afternoon. The mighty Woods Cross Wildcats played the Riverton Silverwolves and set out to even the score from last year when they beat us in the last 30 seconds of the regular season and again in the playoffs.

The first half was a defensive battle–no score and a few battle wounds. To open the second half, our star quarterback broke three tackles and ran down the right side of the field for our first touchdown. Riverton took the ball back and on the third down, Caden sacked the quarterback! Bam! No chance for scoring on that drive.

We got the ball back and on our second down, I see Caden line up wide to go running down the field (he’s a wide receiver). As soon as the ball is hiked, I start snapping photos as I watch him run down the field. There are two other potential receivers so I don’t know if our quarterback will find him open or not–seeing as how he’s tearing down the field.

As I look through my lens, I see Caden’s head focus skyward, arms reach out…

I realize I start holding my breath because the ball was thrown hard and high, 30 yards down the field. If he’s going to catch it, he’s got to move those legs and jump up to bring it down. And then I see…

Oh my gosh, he CAUGHT THAT BALL!! I was so excited as I realized what he had done, my next picture turned out to be this:

All the parents, coaches, and team on the sidelines were going crazy! He caught the 30 yard pass and landed on the 3 yard line–It. Was. Incredible.

And the best gift I got all day. Seriously, I LOVE this image:

Cool No. 22

Oh and p.s. We beat Riverton 12-0. 🙂


One comment

  1. Katie Demcak · September 6, 2010

    Awesome! Way to go Caden! I hope Mom and Dad were there to see that!! Glad you had a good birthday

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