My boy turns 10…TEN!

Today my kid went from being a single digit to the doubles..for the rest of his life. Holy smokes.

He is still the funniest person I know and can crack me up with all of the crazy things he comes up with.

He is such a great kid with lots of friends who adore him and want to play with him all the time. He’s excited for school to start on Monday just so he can see his friends again that he missed all summer.

I’m working on his picky eating habits…it may take awhile. Like tonight at dinner, we went to celebrate at Benihana. Caden gets his salad which looks like just carrots and lettuce until he peeks beneath and sees just a little bit of dressing at the bottom of the bowl. This dressing has now made the ENTIRE bowl of salad inedible in his opinion–and he refuses to even try it or eat the carrots on top that have not a trace of dressing upon them. I swear, I don’t know how but I do know that SOMETIME in his life I will get him to eat salad with dressing!

Since 10 is such a big number for such a little kid (he’s not really little in his mind…just mine), it seemed only fitting that his entire day be all about him. And boy, was it ever.

Bright and early this morning, Caden woke up and went to the Eaglewood Golf Course driving range to hit a bucket of balls and practice putting with his new set of golf clubs he got for his birthday.

Right after golfing, I took him to his weigh-in for football. Needless to say, he passed. In fact, he is probably the lightest kid on the team. [but man, can he hit!]

Following the weigh-in, I took Caden and his friend Josh out to Cowabunga Bay for the day. We also met up with Tani a.k.a. Mamo (grandma), Emmy, and Mattie, and it was such a nice afternoon hanging out in the waterpark. Considering it got up to 101 degrees, it was a PERFECT choice on how to spend most of the day.

They both wore matching orange rash guards--so easy to spot them in a crowd!

When we got back from the waterpark, Grandma Brewster had put together the last piece of his 10 days of treasure hunting leading up to his birthday. There were little notes all around the yard attached to a string and Caden had to wind his way around to find clues and read small sayings that matched the activities he had done through the past week or so. In the end, Caden found a treasure box full of fun stuff–books, a geode he got to crack open, a kit to grow crystals, and best of all, 25 gold $1 coins. THAT was super awesome in his mind and he treats the money as if it were a pirates treasure. I love that my Mom put this entire event together for him. It was so creative and fun and Caden loved looking for his clue every day.

Finally, after the treasure hunt, we headed out to Benihana for a yummy dinner and display of culinary karate. I remember eating there as a kid and being so fascinated by how fast our chef chopped up veggies and meat and would make a steaming volcano out of a pile of onion rings. Nothing has changed much there–still fascinated by their cuisine finesse.

As if to cap off a very full day, we were able to watch the fireworks taking place at Franklin Covey Field that followed the Bees game. We stood there and watched in the 90 degree evening air a barrage of fireworks that lit up the night sky and echoed heavily amid the tall downtown buildings.

All in all, it was a really great day. And a really great kid deserved to have that much fun.

Love him to pieces.

Happy Birthday, Caden!


One comment

  1. Natalie · August 21, 2010

    Happy BIrthday CADEN!!! I was waiting for the whole family to be together so we could call and sing to you, but it sounds like you were pretty crazy busy! I’m glad you had a fun day. You have always been a very special part of our family, and it is INSANE that you are now an old man (well, young old boy kid :))
    We love you!!!

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