Little best buddy

Dear Little Best Buddy,

You make me laugh.

Every single day you make some observation that cracks me up to no end.

“Mom, do you know that the moon has phases? Like people have phases. Sometimes they are full and sometimes they are only half filled up. And sometimes we all have Cheshire cat grins.”

You are competitive. Like me. We don’t like to lose. But hopefully I am teaching you that occasionally we all have to learn how to lose gracefully.

I marvel at your strength of body and mind. Seriously, you have ridiculous muscles for an almost 10 year old.

You make friends easily. Because you’re funny. (and sometimes bossy…but mostly funny)

You laugh–a lot. Your laugh is infectious. It makes everyone around you smile and join in.

I love coming home from work and getting a big hug.

You are a snuggly little snuggler. I am not. I have a hard time learning to let go. You teach me a lot about loving.

Every single day I am glad you are mine.

Even on the days you drive me crazy.

Life is so much better because of you.


Your Biggest Fan


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