The Age of Innocence

This is my little guy circa 5 years ago almost. I came across this picture when I was showing somebody at work my web albums where I housed most of my digital images. It made me smile and reminisce over how darling and cute, sweet and innocent he really was at that age.

I loved his little voice, his gap-toothed grin, and shaggy hair (sigh…).

I loved his round little cheeks, chubby little fingers, and skinny but hairy little legs.

He’s no longer this little kid and pretty soon he will no longer be a single digit. He turns 10 in a little over a month and it really has me freaking out. He’s growing UP.

He’s lost the childish roundness of face, gained muscle that is ridiculous for a kid his age, and has elongated skinny, hairy legs.

He wants to play video games instead of build sofa forts. He’s weathered the attention (sometimes wanted, mostly unwanted) of  pre-teen girls experiencing their first crush.  His feet are getting smelly (well, they’ve always been pretty odiferous).  He wants to wear cologne. He wants to wear deodorant (definitely not complaining about that…I told him he should rub it on his FEET).

My dad used to say, “I’m going to sit on you so you won’t get big!”

This is how I feel about this kid. He’s my only one. And he’s becoming a Boy and leaving the little boy behind.

Ah well…I can’t stop it so I am trying to enjoy it…with as few tears as possible.

I’m feeling nostalgic and sentimental because C is up visiting his aunt/uncle/cousins in Rock Springs for the week. And tonight is our regular Date Night so I’m missing my date! 🙂



  1. Natalie · July 16, 2010

    What cute pictures! He has always been such a handsome kid. Crazy that he’s turning 10–good luck!

  2. Amy · July 17, 2010

    I know the feeling,10 made me all weepy too. It just seems so grown up…

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