Can’t summer last forever?

It’s just about halfway through July which means one thing: summer is half gone. This greatly depresses me. Summer is the time of the year where flip flops and sunglasses rule your wardrobe. The days are long and spent outdoors as much as possible. I still have so many things I want to do–and I feel like I’m running out of time.

I was reflecting today on the fact that Caden has finished soccer (for the time being) and I never posted the pics from his grand finale–a first place win in the Wasatch Soccer Classic! It was a great way to segue from a soccer-football-basketball-baseball lifestyle to just football-basketball-baseball lifestyle. He had a great team with fantastic coaches and after a really tough Spring schedule (where they didn’t win a game), they ended up walking away with a nice medal around their necks for a post-season tournament. As Caden would say, “It’s totally wicked cool.”

Carter, Caden, Andrew

I will really miss the kids he played with as well as their parents. I went to high school with Brett F (Carter’s dad) and loved chatting on the sidelines with Anna (Andrew’s mom). We enjoyed each other’s company and I will miss him playing just for my own personal socializing aspect.

But on to more adventures, I guess.

Speaking of which, yesterday I participated in the Young Living Farms Run Through the Lavender 5K down in Mona. You know, that hustling suburb of…well, nowhere. I had to look on my iPhone and see exactly where it was. Roughly 87 miles due south from Bountiful. Sweet. That meant getting up waaaay early to drive nearly 90 minutes for a 5K race. I don’t know…it was the lavender that gripped me. It sounded so appealing.

It wasn’t the easiest 5K I’ve ever done. The first half you have a pretty steady climb and you’re dodging a pretty rocky footpath. But the color is astounding. The air is sweet and fragrant. And the surrounding mountains and landscape were a pleasing distraction.

I must say, the farm overall was quite the impressive place. Apparently as part of the day’s event, you had free access to roam around and enjoy many things such as making lavender wreaths, bath salts, watching gun fights, going on rides, and much more. Had I known all these activities would be taking place, I would’ve dragged Caden out of bed and brought him down with me! As it was, I headed back home shortly after I finished. But not without picking up my bag of goodies which included a new water bottle (every race I go to I get a new water bottle; I think I have close to 50 water bottles strewn about the house), a bottle of their lavender essential oil, an apricot bar (made by the farm), and my latest race t-shirt. If you ever have a chance, go visit the Young Living Farms. It’s everything lovely and good that you could imagine.


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  1. Natalie · July 14, 2010

    I had no idea there was a lavender field that (relatively) close to Bountiful! That is so pretty, and I would have loved the after-race festivities too. How fun! Congrats on running your 500th 5k (sorry, I’ve lost count 🙂

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