Hello, Mr. Bison. Please don't gore my car. It's freshly washed.

Mondays get a bad rap. Mainly because they remind us that we have to be back at work…letting go of the weekend.


I hate Mondays!

Especially today since technically, most businesses are observing it as a day off for the Fourth of July as it fell on a Sunday this year. Not my company. Here I sit in my gray-walled cube, typing away, and wistfully staring out at the perfect weather that I can not go enjoy. Sheesh.

Mondays totally suck. Especially Mondays where it seems everyone else in the U.S. of A. is out and about, gallavanting across parks or traversing mountain tops. Except for hospital workers. And gas station attendants. Way to go, folks.

Me? I don’t see any good reason why I had to be in to work today. I know I would’ve had it off if I were at my last job…but ah well. Such is life.

Dang it all.

I did happen to enjoy my weekend and a couple of days off last week, however. I really shouldn’t complain (except it’s just too easy on a day like today).

Caden & Annie @ The Firehole Canyon in Yellowstone Park

I headed up to Island Park, ID for a little R&R with family. Everyone was able to make it except for Dave (extremely important business meetings) and Ryan (off protecting somebody like the King of Jordan). All the little grandkids and all my parents’ kids (minus one Hermana serving her mission in Panama) were gathered together to float down the river, see a few good Playmill plays, eat at the Canyon Street Grill in West Yellowstone (best dang chocolate malts—ooooooohhhh), run into a moose here and there, almost get stampeded by buffalo in Yellowstone Park, enjoy my dad’s famous buttermilk pancakes and heart bacon breakfasts, and play Hearts nightly until almost 1 a.m.

We had so much fun…just wish I could’ve stayed longer. Or even a full week. About the time I started to relax, I had to come home again. Shoot.

There’s always next year…

Fishing at Macks Inn



  1. Jessica Roper · July 5, 2010

    Island Park is so beautiful! I love the playmill plays!

  2. Miranda · July 8, 2010

    Looks like a really fun trip. Sorry it had to end! We got to say Hi to Caden the other day on Skype. Man is he a doll! Although I feel a little bad for you putting into work on a Holiday Monday, I am glad to hear you’re working away. Maybe one day Dave and I will actually take a trip home and we can catch up? Maybe Christmas? Love you even though I don’t see or talk to you;)

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