Things I…

  • Don’t want to hear called out to me at work: “Come here. Feel this.”
  • Know bother my tastebuds: orange smarties. No thanks! Give me more purple and green.

  • Have to question when it comes to “related search results” on Bing:

(Honestly, I searched for “bale” because of a transitive verb question. And here comes “Hunt She Found Me”—-WHAT???)

  • Am sick of? Losing a contact. For the love…
  • Believe in: Kid imaginations
  • Miss already: new Glee episodes
  • Would much rather be doing:


  • Laughed out loud at in one of my meetings today when an outspoken co-worker turned to another equally outspoken co-worker and asked, “Do you really have to be yourself so much?”
  • Love doing when I take a break away from my desk: read a good book on my iPhone Kindle app. LOVE it.
  • Am addicted to right now (besides smarties–which, by the way, I have no rhyme or reason why!): Pretzels. Especially the sourdough pretzels you can buy in the humungous tub at Costco for $6. Excellent noshing material.
  • Try to be better at: using my road bike more. It misses me.
  • Have to try and deal with daily: having a regular commute again. Sigh…goodbye two hours of my day. Miss working from home. A LOT. Like, ALOTALOTALOTALOTALOTALOT.
  • Want to do again sometime this year: put another stamp in my passport! 



  1. Susan Carlson · June 10, 2010

    Ang, I remember when you went without a contact for almost a year (I think) because you were too scared to tell your mom and dad. Funny!

  2. angelbrew · June 13, 2010

    Oh my goodness, to this day I still don’t know how I did that for so long. I went for almost a year and a half with ONE! Geez, I go for half a day with one and I get the worst headaches.

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