Giving and receiving

From time to time, about every couple of months or so, I go through my blog “list” and visit sites of friends or people I find interesting. I can’t do it too frequently otherwise I get sucked into the vortex that is blog browsing. You know what I mean. You get that vacant glaze in your eyes, your hand starts to go numb from being in a perma-hold over the mouse or touchpad, and drool starts to collect silently in your mouth. It’s the blog coma–and it can be very hard to break out of.

Lucky for me, I happened to peruse a couple of talented ladies’ blogs just at the right time. Kiera and Leah are both incredible photographers and I love to look at and enjoy their “photo skillz” from time to time. A close friend of theirs was injured in a serious ATV accident leaving him paralyzed with two sons going out on missions, one to the Army, and a daughter at home. He’s a carpenter by trade and this injury would now place a serious financial burden on their family, both from a medical perspective and every day living expenses. So Leah and Kiera came up with this idea of doing quick 30 minute photo sessions for $100 to give back to the family.

Thankfully, there were still a couple of slots open so I snatched one up. I had been looking for an opportunity to get another picture taken with Caden as it had been a couple of years since our last formal photo shoot.

I met up with Kiera at the Orchards in Provo this past Saturday night and was really excited for what kind of magic she could wield with her camera. She was so fun to talk to and made it easy to relax in front of the camera and just be ourselves. By the end of our half hour session, I was really looking forward to seeing the moments she captured on film. And she is so incredibly fast and amazing that she’s already posted a preview on her blog!

Seriously, Kiera, I LOVED the few you posted and I can not wait to see the rest!

I feel like I was so fortunate in a very unfortunate circumstance. I am grateful for people like Leah and Kiera who use their talents to help others…and thereby let some of the rest of us reap the benefits of their abilities. They give and so many receive in return. Thank you, ladies. You are true examples of selfless love.

If you would like to help out the Ashby family, you can donate here. They would appreciate any small amount they receive.



  1. Jessica Roper · June 3, 2010

    I love this picture- it’s like glowing!

  2. Jessica · June 4, 2010

    I went to look at my friends engagement picture and there you were!! My friends are right below you guys. I love your family pictures! You guys are gorgeous. She had some really nice things to say about you guys.

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