Fleet feet

Saturday, I took Caden bright and early up to The Homestead Resort in Midway to participate in their annual Memorial Day weekend races. I like doing it because they have a great kids 1K race as well as a 5K and a 15K for the “growed ups” (as Caden used to say).

Caden was literally jumping at the chance to get going. “When is the race starting, Mom? When? When? When??

“Stop jumping around, bud. You’ll waste all your energy before they even say ‘go’.”

The 1K does a pretty scenic loop around the front entrance of The Homestead. The organizers have a golf cart lead the way so the kids know where to go. It’s a motorized carrot-on-a-stick–“if you catch the cart, you can get a free ride!”

Caden lined up with about 40 other kids at the starting line. He gets so serious when he’s ready to compete. His game face is clearly present.

As soon as the kids were lined up, the countdown to the race was on.

“Okay, I’m going to count down from three and then say go, got it?” said the girl with the megaphone. All the kids started jostling for a better position a bit, nodding their heads and ready to run full out. “All right, three! Two! One! GO!!”

And off they went!

Caden took off and caught up to the 14 year old “kid” who wanted to run in both races (cheater…). I was pretty impressed with my little buddy’s effort–he was hauling butt! He kicked it out and ended up winning a 2nd place ribbon. You can see a picture of him with his ribbon here.

I was seriously bummed that my camera didn’t capture him crossing the finish line. I was all ready to get him peddling his little legs across the finish line on video, but didn’t realize I had it on “Play” mode instead of “Record” mode. Shoot.

Caden ended up having to wait for me to finish the 5K portion. Not my best showing. So strange how three weeks earlier I hit my stride and get my fastest 5K time in over 10 years…and then struggled mightily because of a sore hip for this one. I know somebody who reminds me frequently that these aches and pains are happening because I’m getting “old”. Sheesh. Whatever! I’m not letting something as paltry as “aging” keep me from participating and competing in events like this. Even if I sometimes feel like my body is betraying me.


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