Caught in a whirlwind

Man…the past couple of weeks have been jam packed with so much activity–new job, baseball games, soccer games, races–I am finding it hard to catch my breath. Literally.

Where to start…hmmm, I should probably share the news about my job. It’s good, I like it, and the commute is as long as ever. Of course, I was a bit overwhelmed the first couple of days and wondering if I had made a good decision to go to this organization. It’s a bit different in terms of flexibility than my Intel job and I’ve had to adjust to it. I’ve already had a couple of 15 hour days that have been a bit…um, exhausting. But what I really do enjoy are the people I work with. My  co-workers are hilarious (group lunches are seriously something I look forward to every day) and I will get used to the “scheduling”.

In other events, Caden has been in the throes of sports and enjoying every last minute of it. In soccer, it was a bittersweet season. His team went from being the #1 undefeated team last Fall to the dead last team in the Spring. They were bumped up a league and had to deal with some pretty talented teams. They tied a couple of games but I was impressed at how all the kids stayed positive and still enjoyed playing with each other, despite the fact that they never had a win in the regular season.

That being said, his team is currently playing in a soccer tournament in Kaysville and they are SMOKING their competition. If they win their game tomorrow morning, they will play in their age division championship game later in the afternoon. It’s so cute to see their faces light up when the ref blows his whistle, signaling the game is over, and they come cheering off the field, high-fiving each other and screaming, “We did it!” I want to see them win that championship trophy. What a way to end their run of playing together. It’s hard because this group of boys has played together over the past three years and after tomorrow, it’s all changing. Awww…sniff.

Beyond soccer, Caden is really just living and loving every last second of baseball. Playing the team’s lead pitcher has given him this sense of pride that makes every game, every practice his absolutely favorite thing to do. That season ends this next week and then most likely he will have All Stars for the next couple of weeks after that. Not to mention baseball, football, basketball, and Scout camp. 🙂

Lest you think sports and a new job were all that were going on, Caden’s Fourth Grade put on a program all about Utah and its history this past week. It was simply adorable! Plus, I thought my little guy looked like such a perfect Mountain Man/Cowboy. Caden had three different parts in the program which included a few speaking parts and a dancing scene, the Virgina Reel. Seriously, me and my parents just loved it.



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