Spring sports=busy calendar

Every Spring I always have to give myself a pep talk: You can do it, You can do it, You can do it. I do a few jumping jacks, run laps around the block, get myself totally psyched up. All for what? My son’s sports schedule. I think I’ve managed to gripe about this “special season” on this blog for the past three years. But thankfully,the number of sports Caden participates in this season has been pared down to two at this point–baseball and soccer. And even more wonderfully, next year we will be down to just ONE sport per season. Whoohoo!

That’s not to say I don’t love spending time watching Caden play. I relish watching him throw a good pitch {yes, he’s a pitcher this season–and a darn good one!}, save a goal attempt {he throws his body into the line of fire as a goalie}, or also using his speedy little legs to chase down a ball into a goal {when he’s not a goalie, he’s a forward}.

However, sports when you turn 10 {which he will in August…oh sad, sad day…no longer a single digit!} become ridiculously expensive. I told Caden that he would have to choose which sport(s) he would like to continue doing because financially, doing everything he wants to do is out of reach. Competition soccer nowadays has become something akin to investing in a new home, a home that drains money out of you with no promises of being useful {“if your son wants to play other sports too, we can’t guarantee he will get any playing time…but please! Give us your money anyways…”}. And this is the year for comp tryouts. I was all excited for Caden to go to the next level {I played comp soccer until I was 13} until I went to the Parents Meeting a week ago titled “All About Competition Soccer—And How to Qualify for the Loan to Pay for it ALL”. To join our local club, the costs would be somewhere around the price of a small pony. And maybe a few bales of hay. I kept thinking, ‘hmmm…so, exactly which arm and leg did you want to cut off of me so my son can play?’

Yet when it came to pricing out football, comp basketball, and comp baseball, the cost came in just a bit under the small pony–but for ALL three sports. Needless to say when presenting this info to Caden, being able to play three vs. just one was a more attractive idea. He decided that for next year, football, basketball, and baseball are on the sports docket. One sport a season–it’s like a dream come true! Plus, I won’t have to get that second night job to support his sports habits.

But like I said, I am really enjoying watching him play baseball this Spring. I know I’m biased as his mother, but he is the best pitcher on the team. 🙂

Ah, the concentrated look on his face. He ended up stealing all the way home on this particular play. The kid thrills on competition (he kind of gets that from me).

Wish the iPhone had a zoom...Caden is getting ready to throw a smokin' pitch



  1. Amy · May 12, 2010

    Holy cow! It is only about $150 a year to play soccer here and that is for spring and fall! You guys are getting ripped off up there 🙂

  2. angelbrew · May 13, 2010

    Yeah, competition soccer is SO expensive. They told us that we should budget around $2K for the year. What the…am I buying a car? Is he getting braces? It’s kicking around a ball! Sheesh!

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