Today is goodbye

It has been a tough Monday.

I woke up.

Tough…because I had a headache (sidenote: if anybody has any miracle solutions to preventing migraines, please do tell–I’m sick of them!).

I made French Toast for Caden for breakfast.

Tough…because my stomach wasn’t feeling too hot and the smell was too sweet for me to take.

I logged into my Intel laptop.

Tough…because today is my last working day with them.

I had my last meeting.

Tough…because I cried after I hung up.

I went and worked out with Kristal, my trainer.

Tough…because I was in emotional knots (and my darn stomach still hurt).

I sent my final goodbye email to friends/colleagues at Intel.

Tough…because I will really miss them.

Adios, Intel amigos!


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