Board time – surf and snow

You know what the coolest thing is about having a 9 year old? They want–and CAN–do anything you can do which makes it so fun to hang out with them. At least my 9 year old does. He is up for anything I suggest whether it be surfing in Hawaii or taking on a black diamond run at The Canyons, he is game. And I totally love it.

One thing I definitely knew I wanted to try when visiting Hawaii was surfing. I mean, it’s practically the surfing capital of the world! I was dead set on taking time to try and catch a wave and go for a sweet ride. I tried it once in Mexico many years ago and loved it…although my lesson was about 5 minutes long. But what can you expect when you pay $10?

In Kauai, I had researched out a few places that taught surfing and decided on Titus Kinimaka Surf School on the North Shore in Hanalei Bay. I had found a coupon code, called them up and booked an hour surf lesson for Caden and for me for $80. Plus, we got to keep the surfboards for as long as we wanted after the lesson.

Our group was really small, just Caden, me, another mom and her two kids and that was it. The other mom and her daughter decided they didn’t like it so it was pretty much just three of us with two instructors. It was FABULOUS. Caden took to it like every other thing he tries in life–full force and with no holds barred. He would pop up on his board and surf away like he’d been doing it all his life. I wish I had a good picture of him riding a few waves but I was also out in the ocean doing my best to ride a few. There’s nothing like that swell of parental pride when you watch your child do something really for the first time. Or watching them master something they’ve worked at for a long time. The sense of accomplishment that washes over your child’s face is just priceless; it’s one of the best things about being a parent.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Caden up for boarding of a different nature at The Canyons. He had been taking snowboarding lessons and was anxious to show me all the cool things he picked up. I took a day off and headed up during Spring Break to have him show me his “stuff”.

This is where I have to say that I just thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with him and relishing the fact that he was old enough to do pretty much whatever I did. We started out doing a couple of warm up runs as he showed me his fancy snowboarding skills, and then I told him, “Okay, we’re just going to go try a bunch of new runs that you’ve never done before. I bet you’ll surprise yourself at what you can do!”

Pretty soon I had him going down some of the trickier blue runs, just coaching him to take it nice and slow, go back and forth. When I took him down a black diamond run, I kept it quiet, just telling him that he could do it, just go nice and slow. And he did! Again my parental pride just burst forth and I was sad that the skiing season was nearing a close and that I would have to wait until next winter to take him snowboarding again. But overall, I was just so impressed by my kid. Love him to pieces.


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