Hippity hop, it’s Easter time

Today was such a nice relaxing day at home. Thanks to General Conference (which was SO good!) being on Easter Sunday, I spent most of the day lounging around in my comfy clothes (that’s code for pj’s). And thanks to one little boy waiting for a sugar rush–as well as a little 3 year old niece–the first hour or so of the morning involved searching for brightly colored eggs, finding too much candy, and hearing the squeals over Easter baskets.

Caden was thrilled because he got the Air Soft pistol he had been begging me for over the past three weeks. He had even researched it out online through Amazon and other sites, showing parent reviews, cost, what he would need to use it and more specifically, how he would use it. Lucky for him the Easter Bunny has big ears and managed to sneak it into his basket.

Overall, it was nice to just enjoy being at home and not needing to go anywhere. Plus, I loved that conference was streaming online so I could lay in my bed (trying to overcome a headache) and just open my laptop to hear all the wonderful messages. To me, the themes that kept resonating were family and giving love/serving others. I can’t wait to read the talks again when they are posted online this coming Thursday.

Here’s a small peek into our Easter celebrations. I was tired (doing my insomnia bit again…so tired but can not sleep for the life of me) so all my pics are from my iphone.

Caden & Ella dying eggs

P.S. One reason why I am so tired? My darling little doggy ate an entire box of chocolates Friday night. I came home from a date and ended up taking her to the Animal ER in Salt Lake. Poor dog was vomiting like crazy, had a heart rate so high she was close to seizures, and got to have an IV stuck in her little leg. That was scary stuff–she’s like my little kid! It was funny when they called me to say she was ready to be picked up from her overnight stay. The vet tech said, “She has been my little lap dog all night long. She has her IV in and she just buried her head in my armpit and slept. She’s so sweet!” I couldn’t agree more. Just wish she didn’t have an appetite for chocolate. 🙂


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