Hidden Gem: Kipu Falls

In planning my trip, I decided I’d better get some good info–“insider detail”–on what would be the best use of my time on Kauai. Who knows when I would ever be able to get back there again? I bought this book at the Kauai Costco after finding out online I could get it there for $10 vs $17 on Amazon:

These little baby had such great info and one of the “hidden gems” it talked about was Kipu Falls. This was definitely a “find-it-if-you-can” area that is off a small little sugar cane path that brings you to this fantastic 20 foot waterfall. When we discovered it on a Monday, we were the only two there for at least 20 minutes all by our lonesome selves. It was AWESOME.

Some of the locals have created a rope swing that carries you out across thecrystal clear pool where your stomach can jump up into your throat as you drop about 25-30 feet in the air. Caden agreed that this was his second favorite thing to do after the Holo Holo snorkel/sail. We had such a blast! We both jumped three times into the pool and after that, we were exhausted. You have to climb a ladder to get back up to the top and it definitely is a little bit of a workout. But soooo worth it! The water was so pleasant but you do have to climb over a few slippery  rocks so I would highly recommend water shoes of some sort.

Caden was a tad nervous before jumping so he wanted to watch me do it first. I was gung ho, not afraid to swing out and have fun! That is, until I let go. Whoa! It felt like I dropped forever to get to the water. Caden was a bit hesitant but he’s not one to back down from a challenge. He jumped onto the rope, swung clear out across the pond, and dropped his spindly little body deep into the water. I was cheering him on and he came up smiling. Thank heavens. 🙂


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