A “Holo” lot of FUN

The one big thing I sort of splurged on while in Kauai was a snorkel/sail off the Napali Coastline. Again, I researched it out online and saved $50 for a 6 hour trip out on the Catamaran Leila, owned by Holo Holo Charters. I already posted some of the awesomeness we experienced while on this boat (spinner dolphins galore), but it was seriously the best day we both had on the island.

These types of activities are definitely not for folks who get seasick easily–this boat was rocking up and down pretty violently on our way back to the dock. But I loved when we got on the far side of the island, Captain Amy cut the engine, and we actually set sail with just the wind to propel us forward. That and they turned on the sound system and it was a picture perfect 80 degree day, lying on the deck of this fantastic catamaran and doing a bit of sunbathing.

The other two “mates”, James and…and…dang, forgot his name, well anyway, they were super nice and gave us great information as we sailed away. They also provided a wonderful gourmet continental breakfast and tasty sandwich bar for lunch. These guys were the BOMB.

We snorkeled and saw sea turtles, tons of fish, and a monk seal. Then as we were leaving our snorkel spot, we spotted our first humpback whale a little ways off in the distance. About half hour after that, we came upon the pod of spinner dolphins who were jumping and showing off en masse. James told us that for every dolphin we could see on the surface, 3 or 4 more were beneath in the water. By our estimation, there was something close to 100 dolphins around our boat. And then another humpback whale burst through the surface! All in all, we saw 3 sea turtles, 100 spinner dolphins, and 11 whales, including a baby and its mother.

I’ m telling you, everyone deserves to have a wonderful day like this one…


One comment

  1. Judy Wright · March 25, 2010

    Love checking your blog, Angie! I’m so glad that you and Caden had a great time in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing the pictures and experiences. Love you, Big Mamo

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