Give me some pig

It ain’t a Hawaiian vacation without a luau. It’s the quintessential experience with island flavor. I had researched out the few “commercial”  luaus to try and decide which one would be The One we would attend. It was a lot of pressure for that luau, to fulfill all my expectations in one evening. But I have to say that the Smith Family Luau did not disappoint.

If you booked the kayak trip and the luau dinner together, you saved about $10 a pop which is essential when it comes to saving a few greenbacks in Hawaii. (Did that perhaps sway my opinion on which dinner to choose? Ummm, maybe.)

The Smith Family Luau is hosted on this gigantic 30 acre spread of sprawling gardens. You actually received a 10 minute train tour of the grounds when you first arrived which was a unique way to get acquainted with their atmosphere.

Okay, I caved and bought the picture they took of us as we came into the gardens. It was a set up with two of their show performers but I didn’t get too many of us together…so I had to get it. Right?

Caden watching the "flying" fish

"Mom, I cracked it open--but where's the milk?"

After wandering the grounds for about 30 minutes, the conch shell was sounded to come over and check out the pig being brought out of the ground. Apparently it’s called an imu ceremony. Go figure.

You could smell the flavor of the kalua pork wafting through the air when they pulled those hot stones off that enormous pig. Oh. My. Goodness. At this point, I could hardly wait for dinner. Bring on the food!

There was probably around 80-90 people at this particular luau so it took a few minutes to before our table was called to get in line, but once in line, it moved quickly and was very well organized. Within 10 minutes I was back at my seat with an overflowing plate of food.

That stuff in the middle of my plate in a little cup? That’s poi. I decided I would try it because, hey, it’s Hawaiian and why not? All I can say is that just its consistency alone should have been a warning that this was not something that should touch my ever discerning palate. Here’s an easy way to point out what it looked like:

If you’ve seen this movie–Better Off Dead–you know what I”m talking about. She made food look entirely inedible and questionable. And that stuff she tries to plop on Lloyd’s plate looks EXACTLY like poi. I’m dead serious. Needless to say, I was disgusted.

Poi. The Hawaiian food that makes me think “What the…???”

Overall, the luau was a great success and fulfilled all my kitschy Hawaiian dreams. 🙂 Complete with performers singing, “Oh, we’re going…to the Hukilau…the huki, huki, huki, huki, hukilau”…Loved it.


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