Aloha and Mahalo

It’s funny how sometimes when you ask the universe for something, you get it in a surprising way. I needed a vacation, just a break. I mentioned Hawaii. And out of the blue, one of my classmates from my Masters program days sends me an email and says, “Hey, I can get you a place for a week for free in Kauai if you can go in March.”

Say what now??

Needless to say, I said YES!! But then I realized that airfare could be a bit of a deterrent. This offer came just a week before March began. Amazingly enough, the stars aligned and I found airfare for me and for Caden and just like that, my trip to Kauai was booked. To my friend, Paul, you are the most awesome person around. Next time I hope you and your family can go!

I just got back a couple of days ago and I miss that beautiful garden island. It’s so GREEN. And I love being on Hawaii time meaning not paying attention to time at all.

We flew out of San Francisco straight to Kauai. Not a bad flight at all and we got there around 12:30 in the afternoon. Of course, I had to get a lei greeting arranged for the two of us–it’s Hawaii! Everyone must get lei’d.

As soon as we checked in at the hotel, we headed straight for the beach. I swear, there can not be a person alive who doesn’t feel better sitting on a beach and listening to the sound of the crashing waves. And Kauai is so fragrant and fresh. Oh my.

We spent the first day on the South Side of Kauai, frolicking in the surf at Poipu Beach and eating our first Puka Dog. If you ever go to Kauai, you have to try it. It’s basically a giant hot dog inside a hole-y bun with their special garlic sauce and other native condiments. I had the mango/pineapple combo on my dog and boy, it was yummy!

Poipu Beach is highlighted by the Sheraton Resort down in the southern region. It’s so beautiful and was a great place to go snorkeling. We saw sea turtles, tons of fish (including a puffer fish and the state fish humuhumukununukuapua) and would say definitely hit up this beach for family friendly snorkeling. A big reef protects the beach so strong tides don’t carry the kiddies out to sea.

Sigh…Kauai is a little bit of heaven. More to come on our first Hawaiian adventure.



  1. Natalie Campbell · March 19, 2010

    I am very jealous right now! Today has been snow, snow, snow in CO; looking at those pictures is making me want to bolt. Glad you guys were able to go together and have fun!
    and p.s. thanks to HSM-3, it’s humuhumunukunuku apua–a name that is a foot longer than the fish that bears it 🙂

  2. Susan Carlson · March 19, 2010

    I am soooo jealous!! Sounds like a blast.

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