A new mini toy for a long time obsession

I am obsessed with film. I have two Holga’s, two Polaroids (One600 classic, Zink), and arriving today are two Lomolito cameras and a lovely mini Diana.

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to play around with this camera! And there is a very good reason why, too, but I will leave that mum until I can show off the awesome images I plan on taking.

Although we were heavily entrenched in the digital age, there is just something about the quality of film that digital can never reproduce. In fact, a lot of the photo editing software I see today provides actions that make digital pictures look like they were taken with a film camera. Alas, it is not the same.

I also love the fact that you really don’t know what your image looks like until you get it processed. There is no reviewing immediately. No whoops! need to take another shot. You just snap and hope for the best.

I have a hungry anticipation when I drop off film to be processed. It’s like a special little surprise and I open it up and go “Ta da! There are my pictures! Ooo, that one turned out so cool…that one not so much. Wow, I love the way the light worked here…” It’s just constant surprise and wonder. Love love love LOVE film!

My new mini Diana takes regular 35mm film which is awesome because at least I can still find that film many places (as compared to my Polaroid that needs 600 film…sigh).

Just to show you a bit of why I love film, this is a picture I took of Caden 5 years ago with my first Holga. I love these little plastic cameras…

Atmosphere…all about atmosphere

In front of Mount Sawtelle


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