Ready to run? Sign up with me!

I saw this tag today:

2010 Race Weekend and Registration Information

You know what this is, right? The logo for this year’s Nike Women’s Marathon. That’s the marathon where finishers receive a Tiffany necklace designed specifically for the event. The one I blogged about here just a few months ago.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I soooooooo want to get in!! Crazy enough, this would be two weeks after the St. George Marathon. But does that bother me? Heck no! A TIFFANY necklace. That’s ALL the motivation I need. A woman would have to be dead to not want one of those little blue boxes.

I wonder if that marathon has one of the lowest drop out rates because once you are at that finish line, all you can think about is getting to the end to get your prize. A medal is cool but a necklace is freaking awesome.

So here’s the deal: I want other beautiful women to sign up with me. You can do it! And you have months and months to train. Of course, we will have to cross our fingers over getting in…everything these days is lottery-style and it drives me crazy. I say first come, first served. But you can sign up as a group!

Come on, I know somebody out there wants to do it…April? Registration opens up soon – March 22nd for group creation and April 5th for the real deal.

p.s. On a different note, I’m seriously UP TO HERE with  my darn rolled ankle. I can lightly run but only for a mile, maybe mile and a half. Shoot. I’m behind for my first marathon in 10 weeks…oh well. I guess I will just have to consider it a training run.


One comment

  1. april · March 5, 2010

    You dropped the bait…And I’m takin’ it!! I’ll let you know for sure in a bit!b

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