Nice is better than nasty

We’ve been having several team building activities in my group at work this year thanks to the tumult of last year and the Utah site closure. These activities are designed to bring us back together, strengthen that cohesive bond that we split across 5 states (and geos at times), and share with each other the things that we really admire/respect/like about our team mates.

I’ve been finding a similar theme that I know I’ve blogged about before which is how people perceive me at work. Who am I? I am the “nice, sweet girl” that will never escape those two adjectives. Not that I want to either. What’s wrong with being nice? I did have to laugh when today when I received this IM from one of my colleagues:

I’m pretty sure she meant to say “have a good night angela” but it was almost like a Freudian slip because we had just had an activity where everyone kept repeating over and over, “You are such a nice person, Angela!” “Seriously, you are the nicest girl…yadda yadda yadda”. It made me smile.

I would like to hear some other descriptive terms…eventually. Other than “nice” and “sweet”. I’m still shooting for “unusually stimulating” or “profusely innovative” or “rapturously charming”. I’m just sayin’…



  1. jdoherty208 · February 25, 2010

    Unfortunately, although I’m sure you are all of those things, those words are too big for most peoples vocabulary 😉

  2. Michelle · February 26, 2010

    How about “patient as Job”

  3. Natalie Campbell · March 4, 2010

    “Pertinaciously circumspect”

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