Needs vs. Wants: The February version

Yesterday I got this email:

sample sale -up to 75% off

Say what now? Seventy-five percent?? Ooooh, I was sorely tempted to take advantage of this. I perused the handbags for several minutes before the logic side of me kicked in. Did I need a new bag right now? Ummm, nope. Do I want a new bag right now? Ummmm, YEP. But I also need a new crown. And while the bag I loved was $169 and a crown costs $300, I have to weigh on the side of being grown up and choosing the right things to spend money on vs. being frivolous when I don’t really need to be. Even though I sooooo love the idea of that Yardley bag hanging off of my shoulder…sigh.

Other wants right now:

  • The job that I interviewed for a little over a week and a half ago.
  • My ankle to be a-okay so I can get back to running.
  • The work I have to slow the heck down! Man, people hear you only have a couple of months left and they come out of left field to get you to do stuff.
  • Lasik. Period.
  • Warm weather to erase the winter grays away.
  • A really awesome date with great conversation.

But when it all comes down to it, here’s what I really need:

  • Dang crown. Son of a gun.
  • 25 miles of logged running per week right now. Dang ankle.
  • Job lined up for after May 3, 2010.

Ask me again in a couple of weeks what my needs and wants are and I think they will be completely different. I could be saying something like, “I want a pina colada!” and who knows? Someone may be bringing me one. 🙂


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