Slam me, baby!

Today I get a day off. The first one officially (besides a Saturday…which doesn’t really count) in many, many moons. Sigh…it’s so nice to think about the fact that I don’t have to open up my work laptop and stare at it incessantly until the fibers in my brain start to melt.

What to do, what to do…a whole lot of NOTHING PLANNED is on the horizon. Except for one thing: RUNNING.

I mentioned a few posts back about my goals for 2010 and one gigantic goal involved getting into the Utah Grand Slam competition for running.

“Quel est Utah Grand Slam?” you ask. Well, I will tell you.

The Wasatch Running Company hosts a running “competition” of sorts for crazy individuals like me who feel it their duty to run their bodies ragged by signing up to participate in four Utah marathons in a year. Yes, four – all in the same year. BIG goal. BIG challenge. But I am totally up for it.

What four marathons are they? Ogden, Utah Valley (relatively new race), Park City, and St. George. Here’s the bigger question: WHEN are they?

Ogden: May 15.

Utah Valley: June 12.

Park City: August 21.

St. George: October 2.

Hmmm, notice anything fun? How about the fact that the first two marathons are a month apart? Or the fact that in the space of a five month span I will probably run something around 280 miles in training/race mileage?

Holy Smokes.

But here’s the funny thing. Plastered all over my goofy face is this:

Something about this challenge totally revs me up, gets me going. I am so excited to test my physical limits! I’ve done four marathons total (although I did do three in one year) and now I am going to double that total in one year. Uno ano. Un annee. Ein jahr.

I may just be a little crazy…but at least I have some time today to go get a good run in. Bring on the Slam!



  1. Ilene Maurer · February 19, 2010

    Good For You!!!

  2. Amy · February 23, 2010

    My feet ache for you 🙂

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