Dear Life…can I take a break?

I am exhausted.

Sometimes I am bored.

But mainly exhausted.

I worked out last night with my new trainer, Krystal, and today I am sore. Very sore. But it’s a happy sore. [What happened to my other trainer, Jane? Well…that’s a long story…that I will share soon]

I received a nice recognition today from a co-worker who sent me a gift certificate. It made me smile.

I read something a short time later that made me cry. A lot.

I can hear my little dog snoring away on the couch next to me. It’s like having a purring engine buzz my leg. Except it’s not purring. It’s snoring. Either way, it’s still kind of funny.

I need to go running today. At least four to six miles. I am lacking motivation to go. Which means that I really, really need to get my butt in gear and go out the door. [sidenote: I did end up running 4 1/2 miles, thank you very much]

I had an interview yesterday. It was a completely unexpected opportunity and would be a step up from where I am now. I was thrilled it went so well and suddenly, I have a desire to get a new job outside of my current one. Perhaps I am not moving after all…

I feel  like I’m caught in a perpetual state of uncertainty. And it’s driving me absolutely insane.

Should I move? Can I stay here longer? Am I risking too much to let this good job go? Should I sign Caden up for baseball now or wait until I know where we’ll be? WHERE will we be? And WHEN? And WHY do certain things seem to always happen over and over again…?

I would like a break. Just for a few days. Someplace I can turn my brain off, my iphone off, my laptop off, turn on my headphones and veg out. Trouble is there is this little thing called Life that is getting in the way of being able to do something like that.

It could be worse.

For instance, my hair could be falling out. Last time I checked, it was mostly all still there. Score one for me.

I could be stricken with some strange disease or crazy symptoms that I spend hours self-diagnosing on webmd (“eeek! my fingernails are growing too fast! I think I have supernailsitis! My eyeballs are too dry – oh no! I am starting to dry from the inside out!”). Hmm, self-diagnosis? I am a-okay.

The U.S. could be blanketed in snow with airports shut down, electricity going haywire, and folks not really knowing what to do with the “white stuff”. Oh wait…how’s that global warming treating you now, Al Gore? Just so you know, today every single state had snow in it – minus Hawaii of course. If it snows there, well then, things are definitely worse.

Hawaii…that may be what I need. Who wants to go?



  1. Susan Carlson · February 13, 2010

    ME———-Ralph. But you have to convince Susan. I am up. The picture even looks like the Napali coast in Kauai.

  2. angelbrew · February 15, 2010

    What does Susan need to be convinced that Hawaii is totally awesome?? I will sell her on the idea!!

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