The Mish is ready to go

My baby sister had her missionary “farewell” yesterday. She spoke in sacrament meeting and did such a fantastic job. Besides always keeping us rolling with her sense of humor, she bore her testimony of feeling, keeping, and searching for the spirit daily. She may be the littlest in the fam but we all look up to her.

I actually had to say my goodbyes early this morning as I left to Portland for work for the week. I headed out into the snowstormy morning, leaving a teary-eyed little sister who is facing a whole new adventure in just a couple of days.

We had to take a last family pic (minus Dave & Sammy) just to commemorate this moment in time. And prove that we still are silly at heart. 🙂

Love you, Al. You will be a fantastic missionary!



  1. ELizabeth Betenson · January 19, 2010

    The family picture is beautiful. You have such a wonderful family. Good Luck to Allison!

  2. Susan Carlson · January 19, 2010

    I think it means that we are getting old if she is going on a mission! She’ll do great! (I remember when she was born!!)

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