Inn Somm Neah

Not a Latin phrase.

Sigh…nights go on and on and I get very little sleep for some reason or another. It’s weird to feel totally awake for 20 hours a day. And then I try to nap or do something that will help me catch up on some zzzz’s and I can’t nap for longer than 20 minutes. Boom! My mind jumps out of dreamland and back into reality and then any hope for some serious shut eye is lost.

It’s already been 10 days into this new year and I figured a good time to post again. Ten days into 2010.

Mrs. Backers 2010 New Year Alligator eating the old year away

So far I am keeping on track with the things I want to accomplish this year. Finish out strong with Intel (in the hopes that perhaps my work from home coverage could be extended…???), read the Book of Mormon everyday (and this means READING it–not just glancing at a few verses and calling it good), run/train for my marathon year (thank heavens my first one isn’t until May…dang, I need to build up my distance again! Good news–all my sports training is making me faster :)), write for myself and not just for work, read more, paint more, be more patient, curb curt words that could come from my mouth when annoyed to the extreme, be more helpful to my parents, ORGAN-A-ZIZE (no, this is not the latest fitness fad that makes use of organs to tone those thighs–I mean serious A-Z organization), de-junk, get rid of clothes I don’t wear (sisters, are you listening???), work with Caden on more of his Bear requirements for Scouts, get him thinking about earning money for his comp baseball instead of just paying for it all (sheesh, sports get so expensive as kids get older – what gives?), and staying optimistic and hopeful that there is just a BUCKET LOAD of great change on the horizon for me this year!

Coming up in just one week, my baby sister heads off to her mission in Panama for our church. Well, actually she heads to the Provo MTC for three weeks, the Guatemala MTC for 6 more weeks, and then she will finally be in her new hometown city of Panama City for roughly 16 months after that. Awww, isn’t she just so cute and adorable?

She looks Panamanian, no?

All she’s missing in this pic is her new black name tag. Al is going to be one fantastic missionary. And all those guys who have lined up outside my parents door for the past 2 months are going to be brokenhearted she is not around for 18 months. Seriously, this girl has had so many dates my head is spinning (try three dates in one day yesterday…). I say date away! You won’t get to for a very long time fairly soon. 🙂

Did I mention I got a little dog? I think I did. And have I said how much I adore this little animal? She has the sweetest personality and she adores me. Yes, she totally does. She is my little shadow during the day while I am working from home and when I go out the door, she wants to come for the ride. She never barks, she’s fully housetrained, she’s stinking cute, a solid muscle from head to toe, and she is protective of me and Caden. One funny little note, Caden is none too thrilled that Maggie prefers me over him. She will cuddle with him, sleep with him most nights, but if she has the choice…she follows me. Everyone should have a dog like this little lady!

Little Maggie Mae


One comment

  1. katie · January 11, 2010

    I would like to put in a request for those clothes! Allison will be gone, and in a couple of months I am going to need to some cute things to wear again after having another baby! Please save some for me?? 🙂

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