Goodbye, Ought 9 and hello, what I aught to do in 2010

2009 was such an interesting year. There were highlights and lowlights as with any year, but here are some reasons why I will remember ’09 probably more than other years gone by:

  • I sold my house. It was the first home I ever owned and I lived in it for almost four years. I still know it was the right thing to do to sell it, but on many occasions I have wished I hadn’t.
  • I came to the end of my Intel job – just kidding! Last minute reprieve afforded me a chance to work from home until May 2010. That was a great bit of news.
  • Trip to Italy/Greece. This was made MUCH more memorable thanks to a near-death scooter experience and the fact that I will have a sight-to-see scar on my knee the remainder of days as a daily reminder of that trip.
  • Travel – Mississippi, Mexican Riviera, Denver, Las Vegas, California, Oregon.
  • Caden’s sports – excelling in soccer, football, baseball.
  • Sports training – starting up a more extreme regimen to whip my butt into serious shape.

It was a busy year and I learned so many things about myself. A continual journey–this is what I want to keep focusing on. So for 2010, here are just a few things I see happening:

  • New job. Perhaps my Intel job could be extended so I can continue working from home, but in the event that it isn’t, a new job is definitely part of my 2010 scope.
  • New home. I know I will be living SOMEWHERE different this year. The parents have been extremely kind to let me stay as long as they have (since the intent was just a 2-3 month stint originally…and I’m heading into my 7th month).
  • New challenges in running. I signed up for the Grand Slam lottery (hope I get in!) at the Wasatch Running store. This means I will commit to running in the Ogden, Utah Valley, Park City, and St. George marathons this year. Yes, that is FOUR marathons in one year. I’m totally up for it.
  • More travel. Some with work, some for fun but maybe not to completely exotic places. I’m thinking St. George for Caden’s baseball tournament in March and possibly Phoenix for another one in May. And the rest of my travels will depend on my job situation yet again.

Just those few things right there are PLENTY to keep me occupied for an entire year. Between training, resume writing, interviewing, moving, and being Caden’s personal sports chauffeur, I anticipate quite the year ahead.

Happy New Year!


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